Applying for my Advanced Driver Test

When you apply for your test the application form is dealt with at RoSPA Headquarters in Birmingham. When it has been entered onto the system the test request is sent to a Regional Senior Examiner who will allocate the test to an Examiner in your area. The Examiner will then make contact with you to arrange a mutually convenient time and location for your test to be conducted.

All our Examiners hold a UK Police Advanced Driving qualification and a number of them are also qualified Police Instructors. Many of these people are still serving Police Officers and work shifts, consequently they may have taken time off work to conduct your test. Therefore please only cancel your test in unavoidable circumstances and if it is at the last moment we may not be able to re­arrange it. If you cancel within three days of the test there is a cancellation fee.

When your re-test is due we will make contact to remind you. You will need to take your test within a reasonable time of the due date in order to keep your membership current.

Clicking on the link below direct you to the test booking process.

The current cost of an advanced driver test is £77 (subject to change by RoSPA)

The Advanced Test

The RoSPA advanced test is monitored and approved by the DVSA and a RoSPA Gold is widely regarded as the highest civilian driving standard available. The test is based on the Police Foundation publication ‘Roadcraft, The Police Drivers Handbook’ and the Highway Code. A thorough understanding of both Roadcraft and the Highway Code will be required to pass the test at a high standard.

Before attending for the test ensure that you feel well prepared as this will help you to be more relaxed. The Examiner will do their best to set you at ease but there is no substitute for proper preparation. Bring your driving licence, insurance and, if required, vehicle test certificate with you, ensure that your windows are clean and your vehicle is safe and legal. You may be asked to conduct or talk through the pre drive checks for yourself and your vehicle, conduct an eyesight test by reading a number plate, and to carry out a moving brake test. This brake test only needs to be firm enough to confirm to the examiner that the brakes are working, it is not an emergency stop! Remember if you wear spectacles or contact lenses to drive you must wear them during the test.

During the test the Examiner will be looking at how you deal with the situations that present themselves and assessing the good, and inevitably not so good, elements. The on road section of the test will generally be between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes but this can vary depending on road and traffic conditions. The Examiner will then ask questions to test your understanding of The Highway Code and Roadcraft and you may also be asked some questions about your vehicle.

Following this the Examiner will discuss the road section of the test with you covering both the good points and those areas that could be improved. The Examiner will then tell you if you have passed the test and if so what grade you have obtained.

Our Group Advanced Driver Tutors will support you throughout your training sessions.

All training is both supportive and tailored to suit individual needs and requirements.

We recommend purchasing the Police Drivers Handbook “RoadCraft”. and the current Highway Code as these are definitive reference tools in attaining the best result and further triennial retests.