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Please read the following Declaration carefully. If you do NOT hold all of the required valid
documentation then you are not eligible to ride with a RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Group.

DECLARATION By clicking the Join Now button I confirm that I hold a valid current driving licence and that I have appropriate insurance for any vehicles used for tuition, either personally or via my employer, and that those vehicles, if appropriate, have valid MOT and tax. I also confirm that these will be in place throughout the duration of my RoSPA Advanced Rider tuition and Reivers-Advanced Group Membership.

I confirm that I am fit to ride and not under the influence of any drug (including prescribed medication that may adversely affect my fitness to ride). I will wear corrective eyewear while riding if my eyesight requires it. I am aware that I am responsible for all riding decisions. I will make my Tutor aware if I become distracted / unwell. I agree that any advice or direction given will require my diligence to be applied safely. If I have any doubt I will ask for clarification before following the advice or direction.